Creativity Coaching


I want YOU to

  • Find the kernel of an idea and build it
  • Pitch confidently and imaginatively
  • Pay more attention to how you think about, research, and keep track of ideas
  • Build on your support system
  • Mediate when collaborators are at loggerheads
  • Think big and bold. Dare to have radical, sweeping plans
  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Weather changes in the industry
  • Research new platforms and trends and be on top of popular media as well as specialist developments
  • Decide if you want to market your skills on your own, or sell what you can do to a company. It’s often a tough decision as there is an increasingly large market in the arts!

“I think you are a pretty amazing thinker.
I learned more from you in our one session than what I learned from four sessions
with a “career coach” in the fall.”

Perel Hana B. Sessler

Coaching is not like therapy.
Yes, it’s about the ‘personal’ but we explore the details and the strategies of your creative life. Some clients want a couple of sessions, and others continue.

Every client’s needs are different. I have the expertise of a reporter, teacher and PR consultant. You can explain your challenges, your working process and your goals. You can tap into my expertise as a reporter, lecturer, writer and producer of non fiction and fiction.

I can help you:

Expand your portfolio

In the current climate, it’s essential to be as multi-faceted as possible.
For instance many people now don’t think of themselves as actors, directors or writers but Theatre Makers.

Establish a niche and a brand

We’ll stand back and reflect on who your work speaks to, who you’d like to reach, and how to get feedback.

Overcome rejection

Yes, it stings to have a proposal turned down, or a manuscript sent back, but remember, you have your body of work. You have a unique voice. It’s possible to dive right back in.

Become self employed and run your own company

Perhaps you want to move away from a job or a team? 
Possibly you are at a stage in your career when you have the ideas, the network and the desire for flexibility and autonomy. We’ll do an emotional and professional profit and loss.

Do you want to market your work to the public and private sector? 
I have PR, marketing, and event planning experience. I will walk you through your goals, and we will hit the right influencers for you.

Define what success means to you.
Working as a creative involves competition and comparison and that can hinder your productivity and originality. Do you want exposure in one country or more, do you want to go for awards, do you want commercial success, do you want status amongst your peers? Tricky questions but facing them enables you to work towards your aspirations and be freely self expressive.



Photos on this page from Jude’s new workshop Encompassing Creativity. How to Survive as Thrive as a Freelance Artist!

Write for details.

You need to take this first step to help me help you!

To get started, simply email me. I will work with you to create the best plan for you, taking into consideration your time and your budget. 

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