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I’m experienced in all of these audio formats having made them over a long career at
BBC, NPR and ABC Australia.

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My Archive

You can find some of my own podcasts on BBC Sounds and I’ve sold shows to Audible. Many previous radio shows are archived on the sites of WNYC, NPR, and BBC World. Some of Jude’s programs can be found at: CIMAudibleSoundcloud, and Listennotes.



Creative Confidential with Jude Kampfner 

Is a weekly conversation with an independent multi-talented artist about how they innovate, adapt, take risks, survive and thrive!

Some issues and advice that we’ve shared:

Don’t have a B plan

Being intentionally controversial and shaking things up

Learning from other cultures and respectfully incorporating these influences

Digital strategizing and how to create opportunities

Changing how you describe what you do to find new outlets

Expanding your range versus streamlining

Focusing what you do versus creating in many genres and styles

Episode 27: The Look of Food, with Lisa Homa

Episode 27: The Look of Food, with Lisa Homa

Lisa Homa is a Philly-based food stylist and recipe developer. She shares some of the tricks of her trade. How to make fake ice cream, how to raise the vegetables in a soup and how to make a turkey look golden in just the right places although…

CC Victoria Bond August 18 2022

CC Victoria Bond August 18 2022

Growing up she was a pianist and a singer, and in her twenties, Victoria Bond become the first woman to receive a doctorate in orchestral conducting from the Juilliard School. Since then she’s served as music director and conductor for major…

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