Lisa Homa is a Philly-based food stylist and recipe developer. She shares some of the tricks of her trade. How to make fake ice cream, how to raise the vegetables in a soup and how to make a turkey look golden in just the right places although it’s had to be undercooked for the shoot.

She talks about her journey from graphics and publishing pre-press to culinary school allowed her to combine a love of photography and the visual arts with a passion for food. 

Her food styling career has taken her as far as Korea, Cyprus and Italy. She relishes collaborating on cookbooks such as The New York Times bestseller Antoni in the Kitchen by Antoni Porowski. 

Her clients have ranged from Absolut and Hennessy to  KitchenAid, Knorr and Bon Appetit


Delores Custer – Lisa’s mentor.  

Paul Grimes – initially knew as a chef and then excellent food stylist. He did a lot for Gourmet Magazine in it’s heyday.

Juan Sanchez Cotan – Spanish Baroque painter 1560 – 1627


Radio Feature Jude made with Lisa for Studio 360 on PRI:

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