Growing up she was a pianist and a singer, and in her twenties, Victoria Bond become the first woman to receive a doctorate in orchestral conducting from the Juilliard School. Since then she’s served as music director and conductor for major orchestras. Composition is her first love she explains, but it’s taken time to carve out the space to devote herself to it. She’s composed music in nearly every genre: symphonic works, chamber music, keyboard, operas and other vocal music, and music for dance. Many of the subjects of her operas are powerful women – most recently she wrote a work for narrator and orchestra inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She reveals how she was catcalled when she first stood on the podium and how trailblazing women conductors don’t seem to be regarded as role models.


Music Credits:

Frescos and Ash: Street Musicians

Chicago Pro Musica

“Instruments of Revelation” – Naxos 8.559864

Instruments of Revelation: The High Priestess

Chicago Pro Musica

“Instruments of Revelation” – Naxos 8.559864

Mrs. President: I’m Told I’m a Citizen

Valerie Bernhardt, soprano

Alaska Opera, Victoria Bond conducting

From a 2012 production

Molly ManyBloom: Flowers

Carol Meyer, soprano

Renee Jolles and Shem Guibbory, violins; Ronald Carbone, viola; Maxine Neuman, cello

“Yes” – Albany Troy 578

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