Playful Polymath Jack Klaff is an actor – academic, writer- lecturer, classical and character actor – and solo show creator/performer. Still very much in touch with his South African roots, he’s written and performed in over twenty plays about his homeland and says there are many more stories to tell ‘about violence, pain and injustice.

He can’t escape the fame he’s garnered appearing as John D Branon in Stars Wars early in his career. His agent had balked about his doing a role that didn’t seem worthy of him  – no one had an inkling of what would happen. Klaff says George Lucas was totally confident and in control, soft-spoken and decisive. Jack didn’t get much pay but admits that going to Star Wars conventions since is lucrative.

He dishes some dirt about the traditions of the Royal Shakespeare Company which he says ‘was like the South African army’ but did learn a raw forceful style of speaking the Bard and is grateful for that. He’s passionate about popularizing science and as a professor, he’s given talks and chaired many debates about intriguing scientific concepts. In short, Klaff if one of a kind.

Each week in Creative Confidential Jude Kampfner chats to an independent professional performance or visual artist about how they survive and thrive. They share details of moving between projects, becoming more entrepreneurial, finding the best opportunities and developing a signature image and style. Her guests range from lyricists to novelists, videographers to sound designers.

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