Commentator for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) (Russian programming) – that’s been a long standing gig for New York actor Moti Margolin. He’s often cast as Eastern European villains, the most infamous being Dmitri Rascalov in Grand Theft Auto IV. His parents came from Russia, he was born in Israel but grew up in America. Moti is named after his grandfather Mordechai who was a lead actor in a theatre company in Belarus. Acting he says, is his career but videography pays the bills. However, all his work is intricately connected – so much so that his days are scheduled into blocks of activity but they all help him become a better actor. He’s also recently been singing, song writing and writing film scripts.

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Moti’s influences:

– Henri Cartier-Bresson (The Decisive Moment)

– Paul Thomas Anderson (just about all of his movies)

– Joan Didion (The Year of Magical Thinking)

– Nina Simone (just about everything)

– James Baldwin (The Fire Next Time)

– Hal Ashbey (Harold and Maude)

– McCabe & Mrs. Miller (film)

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