Classically trained composer, guitarist, rapper Gene Pritsker has had over 600 of his compositions performed. His debuts his work via his presenting organization Composers Concordance that showcases short new pieces from composers of any style. To take part in one of Gene’s shows he has to find your music eclectic and original and be confident that the performers understand what you need with short rehearsal time and that you’ve done your homework.

Pritsker’s band Sound Liberation tours Europe and he has lucrative work in Europe such as orchestrating award-winning TV series like Babylon Berlin where he colors the sounds of the instruments.

What else? He’s a crowd pleasing, relaxed, droll MC.

He believes above all that sound should be liberated.

Jude’s task in this episode is to discover whether there is a Gene Pritsker style and how to define him.


Influences: The Rite of Spring (1913) Shoes Don’t Make It The First Walpurgis Night Op.60 : ‘Round Midnight

Judas Priest

Arrested Development

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Theme music composed by Gene Pritsker.

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