This week’s guest is Anne Sebba who lives in London.

She spends on average five years researching and writing her biographies of controversial women. They include Mother Teresa, Wallis Simpson and her most recent, Ethel Rosenberg. Her aim is to discover what these women were like behind the scenes and under the radar. Her books are nuanced portraits and she doesn’t take sides but admits to not liking all aspects of her subjects.



Anne’s inspirations:

Biographers: Claire Tomalin for ‘The Invisible Woman’ (Nelly Ternan the mistress of Charles Dickens) and ‘Mrs Jordan’s Profession’ – (actress Dora Jordan who had ten children with George the Third’s son William. Tomalin discovering women behind the scenes.

Ben Macintyre for his hugely readable spy stories.

Lesley Blanch ‘Wilder Shores of Love’. Four nineteenth century women who leave Europe for Arabia.

Reporters: Martha Gellhorn and Marie Colvin.  (Film about her life with Rosamund Pike as Marie Colvin: A Private War).

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