Three Podcasts I found out about at Podcast Movement that I never would have known about

  1. Partyofone

Jeff Stormer the host plays a game each episode. Different genres and tones. I chose one about gladiatorial combat. I imagine Jeff gets good ad revenue from his host read ads about 2 player games and his excited voice is perfect. 

He said in a panel at the virtual Podcast Movement yesterday that he has taken improvisation  classes and he mentioned a great improv book based on Second City Chicago techniques that’s his bible.

You don’t have to like games to dip into these podcasts. They are about story building, scene setting, character development and imaginative fun. A portal into the essence of all game playing.

Jeff politely asks his guest: Would you like the be The Arena or The Gladiator?’ They’re out of the starting gate.

‘Is it a cross planetary smash em up?’

I like that they take it seriously, it’s not squelching with self involved laughter. 

‘What’s your character’s name?’ ‘Fluxinator’. 

And so it continues.


2.The Meavox Podcast

This comes out of Singapore. Raven Lim and Ling Ling are two women who talk about what’s happening in podcasting in their area. 

I have a special love for Singapore and Malaysia. I like episode 6 when they do a round up of the local scene and laugh about how the UK Master Chef show didn’t understand the signature Singapore dish Beef Rendang. 

They say there’s a new wave of Singapore podcasts and there’s an SG podcast community. 

 I’ll be talking to Raven next week. 

There’s an ep Will I Become Rich and Famous with Podcasting?

Raven and Ling Ling say that’s what their parents ask and it’s a nod to Crazy Rich Asians.


3. The Shrink Next-door

from Bloomberg Media in a new partnership with Wondery. 

I was captivated from the first seconds – you know this is going to be a binge worthy multi ep psychological thriller

It’s the brainchild of Joe Nocera op ed columnist, sports and business journalist at The New York Times. An industry veteran. I love that he brings his seasoned reporter chops to this investigation of the heady New York mix of psychiatry and social and financial power.