A Studio of My Own.

This is the first of a series about the spaces that artists crave for themselves and how different people have achieved nirvana!

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Katie Whitbread’s studio is in a perfect spot in her terraced sloping garden in Tunbridge Wells, England. It’s warm yet airy. Cozy yet big enough to store work in progress, finished canvases, her greeting cards and her materials. She’s meticulously tidy and hugely proud of her garden studio. It also inspires her to look at plants and trees more closely. She’s able to look down at the garden and the sky. She works long hours as long as there is daylight and finds the documentaries, news, plays and magazine shows on BBC Radio 4 offer companionship but not distraction.

The studio was a gift to herself after she stopped long dedicated years teaching art at a school for the mentally challenged. 

She thought carefully about the cost of getting a custom made studio and in the end decided to shell out for something that would be a real investment for her future freelance career as an artist. 

It’s ideal for her to have the privacy to paint with no distractions but it is crucially also a very professional space to show potential buyers and gallery owners around.