Jude Kampfner


I’m currently the producer of Women Who Travel from Conde Nast Traveler. Global journeys in stories and sound.

I was one of the Executive Producers on Relative Values: Defining Diego from Sony & Somethin’ Else. About International Adoption.

Whether you want to develop a weekly interview show like mine, or an investigative narrative podcast like many I’ve made for BBC, or audio fiction which I’ve written, directed and produced – I can help.

We’ll work at your own pace and you’ll enjoy the process. Whether you want to develop a conversational or a narrative podcast we will construct a compelling way to tell your story and cast your message to a wide audience.

You can find some of my own podcasts on BBC Sounds and I’ve sold shows to Audible. Many previous radio shows are archived on the sites of WNYC, NPR, and BBC World. Some of Jude’s programs can be found at: CIM, Audible, Soundcloud, and Listennotes.

Email for a free consultation on developing your podcast.

“Breakthrough! I’d been sitting on a massive collection of tape and a percolating story idea for many years. My very first conversation with Jude was smart and encouraging. A few talks later and I’m pitching major distributors. Jude brought insight, intelligence, creativity and curiosity. She’s a dream come true for this reporter”.
Laurie Stern. St Paul MN

Laurie’s multi-episode investigative podcast is now in production with Sony/Somethin’ Else and I’m Executive Producer.


I help you decide exactly what you want to tell, how to break it into episodes, what title and tagline sum up the project, whether to put yourself in the picture and how to approach the gatekeepers of podcast production houses.

In our sessions we will:

  • Define the format.
  • Identify who will host, perform or be on your guest list of interviewees.
  • Discuss signature music and any archival audio you might need.
    Target production companies that are a good fit for your objective and your product.
  • Plan your audio teaser, pitch deck and publicity.

Content Creation

  • I have three decades of experience at the BBC and NPR as reporter, commentator, interviewer, producer, editor, director, writer and host.
  • My years of award-winning work in top levels of global audio, taught me how to make a story that immediately grips an audience and keeps them listening.
  • I can identify what structure best suits your content and how to make it happen as a production.
  • I have experience both in fiction and non- fiction audio. The areas I’ve worked in are arts, social culture, history, current affairs, education, science, religion, sports, tech and women’s studies.

Pitching and Sales

  • I’ve been running my own international media production company since 2005 so I have the contacts, experience and the tools to market your show.
  • Though I can’t guarantee placement, I have great contacts within the BBC, public radio in America and independent production companies that make podcasts.
  • I also can put you in touch with composers, actors, writers and sound engineers who all understand this medium.

“Before working with Jude, I had no idea how to create a podcast series that might be wanted by a podcast network, how to find such networks, or how to approach such networks. I’d always been a ‘book guy,’ with more than 50 published books to my credit, but podcasting was completely new to me. Jude helped me every step of the way in fashioning a viable podcast series, figuring out who might want the series, and garnering strong interest for the series from exactly the right podcast network. She did more than I could have expected and provided me with a great experience.”
Eric Maisel, The Power of Daily Practice, Lighting the Way,
and 50+ other titles. Walnut Creek, CA. 

“I’ve been sitting on a few podcast ideas for years… I’ve given up on tens of them, but a few have stuck around in my consciousness. Working with Jude brought my ideas into a new light. They now feel exciting, worth my time, and, most importantly, possible. Jude has given me a map of where to start and how to proceed from there. She’s also given me some of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard to train my ears and my producer brain. It’s been such a gift to be able to have Jude’s insights and reflections as I embark on my new show ideas. If you’re looking for someone to help you figure out where to start and how to think through a podcast, Jude is the perfect fit.”
Dave Lishansky. Audio producer and editor,
San Diego.

“Jude offered inspirational and practical support to help make my audio investigative history podcast project. She knew the perfect questions to get me thinking critically and constantly improve. Working with Jude is genuinely exciting.”
Joseph Eden Hawthorne. Audio Editor and Producer,

“Jude stirred up many questions that forced me to think about my goals and my persona as a radio producer and gave me much insightful advice (where to pitch, new programs, think outside the box, importance of networking). I did not expect that it will be such an all-round coaching about my work in general.”
Vivien, Broadcaster,

“I really admire Judith’s imaginative approach to her productions, her attention to detail and to getting the story right from both the contributor’s and the audience’s point of view. She brings difference and freshness to Radio 4. Working together has always been fun and rewarding”.
Jeremy Howe, Commissioner, Drama, BBC Radio 4

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